The Casino Industry – High Stakes and High Glamour


From Las Vegas to China, Monaco to Singapore, the world’s most exclusive casinos pair high stakes with high glamour. In addition to offering opulent living quarters and fine dining, casino-goers can expect to find an array of gambling options – from slot machines to table games run by live croupiers.

The precise origin of casino is disputed, but gambling in some form or other has been present in almost every society throughout history. The modern casino industry is a massive global business with annual revenues in the billions. Profits are derived not only from the gambling operations themselves, but also from fees charged for services such as hotel rooms and free or reduced-fare transportation to and from the casino. Casinos are regulated and operated by state governments, local jurisdictions, Native American tribes, and private companies.

While the majority of casino customers are gamblers, some are non-gamblers who visit for other reasons. These visitors are known as comps, and their expenditures provide a significant source of revenue for the casino. In the past, many casinos gave comps to high-volume gamblers, such as free show tickets and buffet meals.

In the twenty-first century, casino operators are more selective about their customer base. They seek out high rollers, and offer them special perks that may include free or discounted luxury suites and personal attention. Casinos also analyze their customer data to identify patterns of play, such as a preference for specific machine or game types. These analyses are carried out by gaming mathematicians and computer programmers who are called gaming analysts.